Our Company

Boroclass has produced Glass components for small kitchen appliances and industrial equipment for more than 50 years.

The continuing innovation is one of our day to day goals to fulfill the market´s needs and trends; that is why we are able to offer the best quality in our products.

Our main competitive advantages as a supplier are:

  • Crisa is part of an international group of companies called Libbey, we are proud to say that we interact in the markets of China, Portugal, Netherlands, United States and Mexico.
  • We are certified under ISO-9001 and ROHS, in order to give our customers the certainty that we not only work under a set of procedures to assure good Quality Management Systems but that we work with the best products and materials.
  • Innovation and quality assurance for our OEM´s products (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • We have wide experience regarding glass production with different industrial purposes, products such as: blender jars, washing machine window, bowls and outdoor lightning products.
  • Our skills permit us to work with different types of glass material such as: Borosilicate, Tempered Borosilicate, Soda Lime, and Tempered Soda Lime.
  • We are a pioneer in the use of a very special glass called Borosilicate, which is different from other types of glass.
  • In order to convey all the advantages of Borosilicate Glass, we created a brand name and image called Boroclass.