UL 982
UL982 Norm

UL982 is a international quality  norm that requires products to meet strict thermal and shock resistance standards in order to ensure safety for the consumers that use appliances with glass components such as blenders. This specification details how blender jars and borosilicate products must be tested to ensure thermal shock and impact force.

This norm was approved and started in June 2010.

All Crisa Boroclass items are UL982 compliant.  Boroclass glass products go through a series of quality and production controls in order to make sure that our customer will receive the best quality products which is synonym of high performance and safery at their home.

Our glass quality products guarantee adaptation to the rough treatment in kitchen uses.

All this is due to our Boroclass properties. Which allows Crisa to be one of the few glass manufactures able to assimilate the expectations of international norms of world-wide level. Reason for which Crisa is the prefered brand of the most important appliance manufacturers.

The UL982 norm is synonym of Boroclass, which is the safety of brining home the best glass quality around the globe.

Our products pass through different tests to assure that our clients dispose the best quality in the world. Thus, giving a matchless service with an extensive aesthetic range of products and the resistance to daily uses.

Furthermore, the UL982 norm protects the final client giving the best articles found of borosilicate in the market.

Our clients will feel pleased and protected when they use one of our highly temperature change resistant articles.