Improve Efficiency
Improve Efficiency

We have implemented “Lean Manufacturing” at all of our facilities. The basic premise of Lean is to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and reduce waste. We are pleased that we have made some substantial improvements. 

As a glass manufacturer, we use a lot of natural gas in order to melt the sand and other raw materials needed to make glass. As such, finding ways to use natural gas more efficiently is one of our top priorities. 

Recently we discovered that, by using advanced technology that was partially developed by NASA for use in its next generation of space vehicles, we can significantly improve the fuel efficiency of our furnaces. In fact, this technology not only enables our furnaces to burn less gas, but also extends the lives of our furnaces. 

We are also taking active steps to reduce our electricity consumption. We are taking simple steps, such as lighting our plants and warehouses with low-energy lamps and fixtures, turning lights off when work in that area is completed, and using motion detectors in some areas so lights shut off automatically when people are not present. 

We are also taking more advanced steps, such as specifying high-efficiency motors for all high-horsepower electrical motors and using special control systems to reduce the electrical energy needed to produce compressed air that runs through our glass forming machines.