Why Choose Glass?
Why choose glass?

Glass has several advantages that other materials have difficulty matching. First and foremost, glass has a purity of structure that makes interaction with the contents in the glass nearly impossible. Glass will not stain. It will not absorb odors. It will not leach any material into itself nor will it release any material into whatever it is holding.

Crisa glassware is safe to put in the microwave and the dishwasher. It will not stretch, distort, or deform. Care, however, should be taken to avoid extreme temperature changes. For example, a glass that is still hot from the dishwasher should not be immediately filled with ice. A storage container should not be taken from the freezer and put in the microwave. Such extreme temperature changes could cause the glass to break.

Glass is durable. Yes, any glass can and will break, but handled with just a little bit of care glass can be used for years and years, even handed on from one generation to the next.  

What is glass made out of?

Crisa glassware is made in Mexico and starts with sand as the most basic ingredient.

Just as all beaches are not the same, not all of the sand we use is the same, but you can rest assured that the raw materials we use in making our glass are considered free from BPA, cadmium, mercury and lead.