Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Assurance System is certified by ISO-9001, which permits us to qualify our key processes in the elaboration of glass products; for each product category we fulfill a Product Quality Specification.
We also follow the Rohs norm, which consists on certifying that our materials do not contain or release toxic substances.
Boroclass brand guarantees the following benefits:

  • It is made in all-electric furnaces which have no chimney and do not emit hot polluted air into the environment.
  • Contributes to the environment because electricity can be generated through renewable sources.
  • Boroclass is a glass product, which in its normal use can be considered as a high security product compared with regular glass used most commonly.
  • Boroclass is produced with the best high-end technology found in the market place such as: Molds, Press machines, Furnaces, atomized line product systems.