Borosilicate Glass, is a refractory material different from conventional soda lime glass commonly used at home.

Some of the benefits of this type of material are:

  •   It is highly resistant to thermal shock.
  •   It is very durable, which makes this products easy to handle at daily use
  •   Its low expansion coefficient permits its use under extreme temperature conditions.
  •   Boroclass blender jar can be taken hot from the dishwasher and used immediately to prepare a frozen drink.
  •   With proper use, It can last for many years maintaining the same appearance, transparency and resistance.
  •   Does not scratch or stain and does not retain odors.
  •   It is a highly secure material which is also used for laboratory products.

Chemical composition
Borosilicate Glass has the following approximate composition (%):
SiO2= 81%  B2O3= 13% Na2O + K2O= 4%  AI2O3= 2%

composicion química